FlightWatch 1.3 Released!

FlightWatch 1.3 adds a feature that many users had been asking for, namely METAR decoding. The raw metar text is a fast, highly efficient representation of WX for those who know how to read it. As FlightWatch is geared to that audience, decoding is not enabled by default,  but can be turned on in the preferences screen. Far fewer METARs will fit on the screen, however, and the application will run a little slower as the complexity of rendering is much higher.

Feedback I received, indicated that having both the “Stations Near Me” and “Local Weather” features were redundant. In the interests of reducing application complexity, “Stations Near Me” has been removed in 1.3.

Feedback also indicated it would be useful to see weather near stations in the METAR list, and that feature has been added. The context menu for a metar now has “View weather near this station” which requests the Local Weather as if you are at the selected station. It does not, auto-update like the normal Local Weather screen, however.

Lastly, it is now possible to specify your Local Weather search radius on the preferences screen.

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