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FlightWatchLite crashes

It turns out that if you mark a bug as old in the market, that you don’t see it on the main page even if it still occurs. There’s an odd case where the service responsible for sending notifications is … Continue reading

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FlightWatch non-U.S. unit support added to roadmap.

Looking at the order history it appears a good portion of FlightWatch users reside outside of the United States. Additionally, my very first feedback on FW requested non-U.S. measurements be made available. Accordingly, along with trends the next FW version … Continue reading

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IntentService and Toasts

One of the biggest pains in developing the latest FW and FWL releases was getting toasts to display properly. I could get them on the screen fine, but when started from my notification service they would never go away. In … Continue reading

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FlightWatch 1.3.2 and FlightWatch Lite 1.3.7 Released

One of the interesting things about writing software is how many times real world experience proves you dead wrong. I have long held the opinion that if your application requires and Internet connection, and making connection attempts costs the user, … Continue reading

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