FlightWatch dev plan modifications and FlightWatchLite 1.3.10

I’ve been vacationing in Northern MN for the last two weeks, and for the first time in a long while my phone has been away from a charger for extended periods. This enabled me to get more accurate battery use information, and I have learned that FlightWatch consumes far more battery than it should. The primary culprit is that FlightWatch is greedy with GPS updates, and hence doesn’t allow the phone to sleep the GPS radio often enough. The problem has been fixed and is slated for the next release of FlightWatch.

Which leads me to the dev plan modifications mentioned in the title. Metric support is feature complete and will enter testing soon. Weather trend graphs are, however, only in the prototype stage. Given the multiple requests for Metric support, and the above battery use bug, I have decided to push Trends out, and release FlightWatch 1.4.0 sans Trends, but much, much earlier.

Now on to the free version. FlightWatchLite 1.3.9 appeared to solve the main cause of crashes in sending notifications, but exposed another set of problems, which fortunately occurred only when FlightWatchLite was offscreen. FlightWatchLite 1.3.10 fixes this, and contains the GPS battery use patch. It has been released to the app store.

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