FlightWatchLite 1.3.5 Released

FlightWatchLite 1.3.5 fixes crashes exposed by the data pipeline rework. Versions prior to 1.2 neatly sidestepped some processing bugs when there were no METARS recieved from ADDS. FlightWatchLite also adds the new Local Weather feature, which will enable you to quickly see what’s going on within 100 statute miles.

Now for a rant. I really really hate androids database layers. Yes, android is running on a “low power” device (I don’t particularly consider any arm cpu used in android low powered). No, that doesn’t mean we need to go back to 1995 in terms of how we interact with databases. String munging, referencing columns by integer id instead of name, etc is for the birds.

You may have noticed that there is no FlightWatchLite 1.3 – 1.3.4 available. This was mostly caused by my own incompetence, i.e., my unfamiliarity with SQLiteHelper. Those versions would not correctly update FlightWatchLite’s DB to include the necessary data for the feature.  A framework for DB with migrations and fixtures would be greatly appreciated.

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